Xiaomi Launches Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2: The Perfect Choice for an Energy-Efficient Summer

Xiaomi Launches Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2

Xiaomi has recently released its newest addition to its smart home product line: the Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2.

This sleek and powerful tower fan is designed to provide users with a comfortable and customizable air supply that is energy-efficient and safe for the whole family.

With its long air outlet, ultra-wide-angle air supply, and adjustable sweeping angles, this fan is sure to be a popular choice for the summer season.

Slender Design with Ultra-Long Air Outlet

The Mijia Tower Fan 2 features a slender tower design with a 0.6m ultra-long air outlet, which supports a 150° ultra-wide-angle air supply.

This design allows the fan to provide a soft and delicate wind that is blown out smoothly with an air volume of 494m3/h.

During hot summer days, the wind wheel provides an excellent source of stable and smooth airflow, making it a must-have for anyone seeking comfort.

Customizable Settings and Modes

This tower fan offers three different modes – natural wind, direct blowing, and sleeping wind – that can be easily adjusted using either the Mijia App or the body buttons.

The Mijia App also allows users to customize the cycle period and wind speed of the natural wind curve. With 100 gears of wind speed, users can adjust the fan to meet their individual needs.

Energy-Efficient and Safe

The DC frequency conversion motor used in the Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2 is specifically engineered to consume less power.

The official claim is that the power consumption of the fan is as low as 1.5W, and it has an ultra-low electricity cost of only 0.65 yuan ($0.093) per summer.

The fan also has safety features, such as a 6.9mm fine grille on the air outlet and a 12V safety voltage power supply from the adapter, to protect curious babies at home.

Remote Control and Voice Control

The Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2 supports the remote control and timer switch of the Mijia App, as well as the voice control of Xiao AI.

This feature allows users to easily control the fan and adjust its settings without having to physically interact with it.


For those seeking a tower fan that is both sleek and powerful, the Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2 is a great choice. It is not only stylish but also energy-efficient.

Its customizable settings, low power consumption, and safety features make it perfect for use during the hot summer season. Get your hands on the Mijia Smart DC Inverter Tower Fan 2 today and experience the perfect blend of comfort, convenience, and style.