The “Galaxy S23” series has a sense of security, but there is also a little anxiety about what Unpacked said

Galaxy S23 series Unpacked

For the first time in about three years, a real Galaxy S23 series Unpacked was held in San Francisco, California. The event has been established as a place for Samsung Electronics to showcase new products, and it is customary to announce the S series between January and March, and the Note series and foldable Z series in August.  

In the past, the S series was often announced in Barcelona, Spain during the upcoming MWC (formerly Mobile World Congress), but since the 2019 Galaxy S10, the S series announcement event has been held in San Francisco. It is continuing.

On the other hand, with the “Galaxy S20” series in February 2020, the world plunged into the corona crisis. Unpacked was also forced to go online.    

When the “Galaxy Z Fold4 / Flip 4” was announced in August 2022, it seems that they were looking for a way to hold it in real life, but due to differences in the pros and cons of traveling abroad depending on the country and region, it was postponed.       

There is What kind of message did Samsung send at the local Unpacked for the first time in three years? We will report the details.

Galaxy S23 Unpacked for the first real event in 3 years, showcasing cameras and performance

Galaxy Unpacked was held in real for the first time in three years. Standing on the stage at the beginning of the event was Mr. TM Lo (Roh Taibun), the president and general manager of the MX business division.   

Looking back on the history of the Galaxy, Mr. Lo said, “For more than 10 years, the Galaxy has been redefining what smartphones can deliver. (Omitted) I want to redefine what smartphones can do.” S23 Ultra” was unveiled.         

With its camera and performance, he emphasized that it is a terminal that “can open up unlimited productivity and creativity in the palm of your hand.”

The introduction of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone took the most time throughout the event. VP (Vice President) Drew Blackard, who passed the baton from Mr. Lo, first introduced the video function of the terminal.    

Film directors Ridley Scott and Na Hongjin introduced works shot using the Galaxy S23 Ultra. One of the features of the latest Galaxy S23 Ultra phone is that such “professional grade” shooting is possible. The video function supports up to 8K, 30fps, and also supports HDR 10+.

Next, explain the Samsung 200 million pixel sensor installed in the same model. It was introduced that pixel binning, which combines 16 pixels into one, makes it strong in dark places, and how AI recognizes the subject and optimizes it individually.    

From the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung Electronics has put out strong features for night photography under the flag of “Nightography”, but with the latest Galaxy S23 phone, it looks like it has been further strengthened.

After the camera, the second feature was the battery and performance. The new Galaxy S23 phone series has a battery of 3900mAh for the latest Galaxy S23, 4700mAh for the S23+, and 5000mAh for the S23 Ultra, while the size has not changed significantly from the previous model.  

In addition, all three models are equipped with Qualcomm’s “Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy”. Compared to the Galaxy S22 series, it was appealed that the performance of the CPU was improved by 34%, the GPU by 41%, and the NPU by 49%.

The game takes advantage of this performance. Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 supports “ray tracing” that simulates light with 3D graphics, but all three models of the Galaxy S23 series support this function. Mr. Blackard said, “We have achieved a PC-like gaming experience,” showing his confidence.

One of the features of Galaxy is the expansion of the ecosystem, including device linkage. At Galaxy Unpacked, the latest PC “Galaxy Book3 Ultra”, “Galaxy Book3 Pro 360” and “Galaxy Book3 Pro” were also announced, and how the model was linked with latest smartphones and tablets was introduced.      

The Galaxy Book series is a PC with Windows 11, but Samsung Electronics has its own application. It is equipped with functions such as automatically synchronizing data with Galaxy on smartphones and using the Galaxy Tab series as a second screen for PCs.

In Japan, the Galaxy Book series has not been fully developed, and since it was released exclusively for corporations in 2017, no Galaxy brand PC has been introduced, but overseas, especially in North America, iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc.            

This suggests that expectations are high for a group of products that work seamlessly together. Galaxy has a high market share in North America and is seen as a rival to Apple, so it can be said that the basis for appealing device linkage is in place. Understanding this background makes it easier to understand why they took the time to introduce product integration.

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