‘Notion AI’ The All-in-One Thinking Partner | Efficient Writing

Notion AI - Thinking Partner official Version AI Summarizes the Minutes

Notion, the all-in-one workspace that combines notes, documents, project management, wikis, and more, has just released the official version of Notion AI.

This cutting-edge AI service can effortlessly organize and summarize information, and is available in all languages supported by Notion, including Japanese.

For a monthly fee of $10 per person, AI can be your ultimate thinking partner, helping you to improve work efficiency and productivity without launching a separate AI tool.

Organizing and Summarizing Information

Notion AI allows you to easily organize information on an entire page or selected text, and create and translate meeting minutes and project summaries.

By using the space or slash command on the workspace, you can quickly access Notion and make use of these functions.

Efficient Writing

By selecting a range of sentences you want to edit, you can improve your writing with Notion AI.

This includes correcting spelling and grammar errors, adjusting sentence length, and changing the tone of your writing. With these features, you can make your writing more polished and effective.

Get Hints for New Ideas

Notion AI is also a helpful tool for brainstorming ideas and creating drafts for various topics, such as pros/cons lists, blogs, press releases, and conference agendas.

By positioning Notion as your thought partner and editor, you can get inspiration for your writing and make your work more efficient.

Notion AI has been available in a private alpha version on an invitation-only basis since November 2022, and has already been used by about 1 million people. According to Notion, many users have found Notion AI to be their go-to tool for creating texts, positioning it as their thought partner and editor.

With the official version now available, this AI offers updates such as displaying repeatedly and changing the UI to a more interactive format.

Notion AI’s pricing plan is simple, with a monthly fee of $10 per person and no limit on the number of times it can be used. With Notion AI, you can revolutionize your workspace and take your productivity to the next level.

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