Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon! Ultimate Guide 2023

Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is always changing which items are the most profitable to sell on their platform, but what are the most profitable items to sell on Amazon?

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top contenders for the best products to sell on Amazon in 2022! Some items are almost always going to be in demand and therefore worth your investment.

How to Find Most Profitable Items?

There are a few key things to look for when trying to find the most profitable items to sell on Amazon.

In-demand items: You can research this by looking at Amazon’s Best Sellers list and seeing how well an item is selling.

Competition for the items: If there are already a lot of sellers offering the same or similar products, it will be difficult to make a profit. You can research this by looking at the number of sellers for an item on Amazon.

Goods for the items. The item should have a low cost so you can make a good profit margin on each sale. You can research this by looking at the prices of similar products on Amazon.

Shipping costs: The item should be light and small so it doesn’t cost a lot to ship. You can research this by looking at the shipping costs for similar products on Amazon.

Do manual research: you can look at Amazon’s own Best Sellers list. This list is updated hourly and shows the best-selling items on Amazon across all categories.

Look at Amazon reviews: You can search for products in your niche and see what people are saying about them. Products that have a high number of positive reviews and are rated 4 stars or higher.

These are usually the products that people are most happy with and are more likely to buy again. By considering all of these factors, you can find the most profitable products.

Top 8 Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon

Here is the compiled list of Top-rated Categories through which you can choose your most profitable Items to sell on Amazon!

1 – Electronics Products

Electronics-Products-Most Profitable-Items to-Sell-on-Amazon

Some of the most popular items in the electronics category include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Selling Smartphones can be very profitable. Tablets and laptops are also popular items, and they can be sold for a good price as well. Gaming consoles can be a good selection.

You should also make sure that you have a good shipping strategy in place so that you can get the products to your customers quickly and efficiently.

2 – Crossbody Purses

Crossbody-Purses-Most Profitable-Items to-Sell-on-Amazon

Crossbody purses are one of the most profitable items to sell on Amazon. They are stylish, functional, and versatile, which makes them appealing to a wide range of customers.

Make sure to choose a style that is popular and in demand, and select a good-quality purse that will stand up to regular use. And an important point, price your purse competitively to attract buyers.

3 – Face Masks

Face-Masks-Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon

Face masks have become increasingly popular in recent days as people seek to protect themselves from the spread of respiratory viruses. It’s important to choose a product that is well-made and will offer good protection.

Promote your face masks effectively. Use keyword-rich titles and descriptions to ensure that your products are easily found by potential buyers.

4 – Fitness Items

Fitness-Items-Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon

Many different fitness items can be sold on Amazon for a profit. Some of the most popular items include resistance bands, yoga mats, and exercise balls.

Resistance bands are a great choice for those who are looking to get started with strength training. Yoga mats are another popular choice, as they are necessary for practicing yoga.

Exercise balls are also a popular option, as they can be used for a variety of different exercises.

5 – Hair Care Products

Hair-Care-Products-Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon

Shampoos and conditioners are essential hair care products that everyone needs. You can find these products in a variety of brands, formulas, and sizes.

Hair styling products include items like hair gel, mousse, hair spray, and curling irons.

Hair color is another big selling item. People are always looking for the latest and greatest hair colors, so this is a great opportunity to offer new and innovative products.
Hair accessories are things like hair brushes, combs, clips, and headbands.

6- Toys & Games

Toys-and-Games-Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon

Some of the most profitable toys to sell on Amazon include action figures, dolls, and puzzles. These items are popular among buyers and tend to sell well.

It is also important to take good-quality pictures of your items. Buyers on Amazon will be able to see your pictures before they purchase your item, so make sure they are clear and accurate.

7 – Cell Phone Accessories

Cell-Phone-Accessories-Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon

Some of the most profitable cell phone accessories to sell on Amazon include charging cables, cases, and screen protectors.

Charging cables are always in high demand because people are always losing or breaking them. You can sell generic charging cables or branded ones.

Cases and Screen protectors both offer protection for people’s expensive phones. Remember, you need to make a profit so you need to strike the right balance between price and demand.

8 – Home Security Cameras

Home-Security-Cameras-Most Profitable Items to Sell on Amazon

Home security cameras are booming in the market these days. But which ones are the most profitable to sell on Amazon?

One of the most popular types of home security cameras is the doorbell camera. People want to feel safe in their homes, and a doorbell camera can help give them that peace of mind.

Another type of camera is the baby monitor camera. These cameras are also in high demand because parents want to be able to keep an eye on their children at all times.

You could try selling security cameras that are designed for specific types of homes or businesses.

How to Source Products?

You can find wholesale suppliers of products to source your products. You can work with a Dropshipping company, which will ship products directly to your customers on your behalf. Finally, you can create your private label products to sell on Amazon


Dropshipping is the most efficient way to source products to sell on Amazon. It’s a system where you never have to carry any inventory, and you can have products shipped directly to your customers from the supplier.

This means that you can start selling products without any upfront investment, and without having to worry about storage or shipping. To find dropshipping suppliers, you can search online directories such as SaleHoo and Alibaba.


When sourcing products from wholesalers, you’ll need to order a minimum quantity of products upfront. This can be costly, but it will allow you to get the best price per unit for your products.

You need to ensure that the wholesaler is reputable and has a good track record. Be sure to check reviews and get recommendations from other sellers before making your final decision.

Consider the Shipping costs when sourcing products from wholesalers. Shipping costs can eat into your profits. Be sure to calculate these costs before making your final deal.

Private Label

A private label means that you purchase products that are not branded and then put your brand on them. This can be a great way to get started on Amazon because it allows you to control the product, price, and listing.

You need to create your listing. This is where you will include your branding, photos, and descriptions. You will also set your price here.

It is important to remember that private-label products are not eligible for Amazon Prime, so you will need to factor in shipping costs when setting your price.

Where to Buy Items to Sell on Amazon?

So, where should you buy the most profitable items to sell on Amazon? There are many options, but some of the best places to look are Alibaba, Aliexpress, and garage sales.

Wholesalers and manufacturers are usually the best places to buy products to sell on Amazon because you can get them at a lower price than you would find at a retail store.

You can find low prices and a wide variety of products from these platforms.


Alibaba is a giant online marketplace that connects manufacturers and suppliers with buyers from all over the world.

The great thing about buying products from Alibaba is that you can find just about anything you’re looking for, at a very competitive price. And because it’s such a large marketplace, you’ll be able to find a supplier who meets your specific needs and requirements.

When buying products from Alibaba, it’s important to remember that you are buying directly from the manufacturer or supplier. This means that there is no middleman, which can often result in better prices.

However, it also means that you’ll need to be very clear about your specifications and requirements, to avoid any issues or problems down the road.


Aliexpress is a marketplace where you can find a wide variety of products at wholesale prices. You can find anything on Aliexpress.

One advantage of buying from Aliexpress is that you can order small quantities of items (usually no minimum order is required). This is helpful if you’re just starting and don’t want to purchase a large amount of inventory.

Of course, there are also some downsides to buying from Aliexpress. One is that it can take a while for your orders to arrive, since most sellers ship from China.

Garage Sales

You can often find good quality items at garage sales for a fraction of the cost you would pay for them new. Plus, you can negotiate with the seller on the price, which can save you even more money.

To find garage sales in your area, just search online or look in your local newspaper. Once you find a sale, take a look around and see if there’s anything that would be a good fit for selling on Amazon.

If you see something, don’t be afraid to ask the seller if they would be willing to negotiate the price.


The bottom line is that the most profitable items to sell on Amazon are those that are in high demand and have a low price point. Items that are in high demand include books, fitness items, cell phones and accessories, electronics, and clothing.

If you are looking to make a profit on Amazon, it is important to research the items that you are considering selling to ensure that you are pricing them correctly and that there is a market for them.

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