How did the Galaxy S23 series announced by Samsung evolve?

How did the Galaxy S23 series announced by Samsung evolve

Samsung announced the latest flagship smartphone models ” Galaxy S23 “, ” Galaxy S23+ ” and ” Galaxy S23 Ultra ” on February 1, 2023 (US time). It is available for pre-order in the US and will be available on February 17th.     

Although the latest model has been announced, is it really necessary to replace it? If you need a new smartphone, which model in the “Galaxy S23” series should you buy?

So, let’s take a closer look at what’s different about each model, what the new features are, and which one is best for you.

Important evolution common to all three models

The design of the Galaxy S23 series is similar to all three models, but the S23 Ultra is angular. They all have the same bright AMOLED (active matrix organic EL) display with refresh rates up to 120Hz.

It is equipped with a wireless charging function and supports 5G communication and Wi-Fi 6E.      

The display has a built-in fingerprint sensor and has IP68 level waterproof and dustproof performance. The body is made of aluminum, and the glass that protects the display and back is Corning’s latest tempered glass “Gorilla Glass Vectus 2”.       

There are four color variations: phantom black, cream, green, and lavender. Lime, graphite, sky blue, and red are also available when purchased at “” in the United States.          

All three models are equipped with Qualcomm’s chip “Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy” and the RAM is 8GB. The “for Galaxy” name behind the chip’s name means that the operating frequency of this chip is slightly faster than the original version, and has been optimized to run more efficiently.  

Another feature of the new model is that the cooling chamber mechanism has been redesigned to be twice the size, making it possible to suppress the temperature rise of the main unit even during long-time games.

All three models have a 12-megapixel ultra-wide angle, 3x optical zoom, and a new 12-megapixel front camera for selfies.    

The Galaxy S23 series all support 5 years of security updates and 4 Android OS upgrades (“Android 13” at the time of release). This point can be said to be the highest level of support among Android smartphones.

That’s about all they have in common. Let’s explain the differences between each model below.

Galaxy S23

The Galaxy S23 ($800) has a 6.1-inch display, which is the smallest of the three models. If you are looking for a smartphone that you can comfortably use with one hand, I would recommend it.

And although the price is by no means “cheap”, it is the lowest price among the three models.          

The storage capacity is only 128GB for the 3 models, which is less than the 256GB for the other 2 models. The battery capacity is 3,900mAh, which is 200mAh more than the Galaxy S22.

The charging speed is 25W and the slowest among the three models (the charging adapter is no longer included, so you need to prepare it yourself).        

The big change from the old model is the main camera (wide-angle camera). A new 50-megapixel (50-megapixel) sensor has been adopted, and the dynamic range has been expanded.

Galaxy S23+

How did the Galaxy S23+ series announced

The Galaxy S23 + ($ 1,000) has a delicate position among the three models. It’s not quite as powerful as the S23 Ultra, and it’s not even noticeably different from the standard S23 to justify the $200 price difference.         

However, the display size is large at 6.6 inches, and the battery capacity is 4,700mAh, which is higher than the previous model.

Storage starts at 256GB, which is important given that Samsung stopped including microSD card slots on its high-end models in 2021.

The Galaxy S23+ has exactly the same camera as the S23. The only major difference is the fast charging speed, which supports 45W fast charging (charging adapter not included). If you want a longer-lasting battery and a bigger display, go for the Galaxy S23+.

Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Galaxy S23 Ultra ($1,200 in the US) is one of Samsung’s top-of-the-line smartphones. The 10x optical zoom camera that sharply captures distant subjects is the same as the previous model, and it also has a 3x optical zoom camera.   

If you’re a fan of the stylus pen “S Pen”, it’s the only Samsung smartphone that allows you to store the pen in the main body.

The display size is 6.8 inches, making it the largest (and heaviest) of the three models. Like the other two models, the display supports variable refresh rates, with the refresh rate varying between 1 and 120Hz as needed. In other words, the power consumption can be reduced slightly.          

The battery capacity is 5,000mAh. Samsung says it has the same capacity as the Galaxy S22 Ultra but lasts 20% longer. Also, like the Galaxy S23 +, it supports 45W fast charging.    

The storage capacity of the base model is 256GB. The major change is that the resolution of the main camera (wide-angle camera) has become 200 megapixels (200 million pixels), which is the largest in Galaxy.

In other words, it is possible to take higher-resolution and detailed photos, and the ability to shoot in dark places may be improved.


Should I buy a new model?

If you already have a Galaxy S22 or S21, there’s little need to replace it. They’re similar in design and performance, so it’s probably best to wait until the next new model comes out, unless there’s a problem or reason why it can’t be fixed.

If you have an older model and are tempted to replace it, know that you have other options. The old model Galaxy S22 may be cheaper, and you can choose a lower-priced model.

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