Google image Search Update Blurs Extreme Image Search Results

Google image search update blurs extreme image search results-getinwebs

Google Image Search Gets a Privacy Boost with New Blurring Feature and Other Updates

It will be processed even if the safe search function is turned off.

Google’s image search has been updated. Google announced on its blog that it will automatically blur explicit images, even if SafeSearch is turned off .

Until now, SafeSearch used to blur out users under the age of 18 when they logged in, but from now on, even if SafeSearch is turned off, it will blur. By doing this , it is possible to warn the viewer in advance that the image is extreme and blatant . This setting can also be removed in the SafeSearch settings.

It seems that the blurring function will be released in a few months. Other privacy-related updates were also announced at the same time. Fingerprint authentication first . If your computer has a fingerprint scanner, you’ll be able to add an extra layer of security to your Google Chrome password manager.

Also released a virtual card number that encrypts the credit card number when shopping online . Until now, the feature was only available to those who had a card issued by Capital One, but it is said that American Express customers will be able to use it.

Google announced the blurring process ” Magritte ” in December last year . It is a function that detects and blurs faces and license plates in images, and is open source.

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