Top 10 Best YouTube Tools to Grow Your Channel Better

Top 10 (Must-have) Best YouTube Tools to Grow Your Channel Better

YouTube has been around for more than a decade now, and in that time, its become the go-to platform for video content.

It’s estimated that more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, which is a ton of content!

As a YouTuber, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd and get your videos seen. Don’t worry, we’ll show you the top 10 best YouTube tools to help you grow your channel fast.

From video editing software to SEO tools to social media management tools, these tools will help you get more views, subscribers, and ultimately, success on YouTube.

8 Best YouTube Tools to Grow Your Channel Better

Here are the top 10 best YouTube Tools that we think can help you take your channel to the next level:


This tool provides insights on how to optimize your videos for YouTube success. It also allows you to see what keywords are being used by other successful channels in your niche.


This is an extension that you can add to your browser that gives you access to a ton of features and tools to help grow your channel.

Some of the things it can do include helping you with keyword research, optimizing your videos for SEO, and giving you tips on how to get more views and subscribers.

Social Blade

This is another great analytics tool that lets you track your progress over time, compare yourself to other channels, and see detailed statistics about your channel in the form of graphs and charts.

This platform provides insights into YouTube channel growth and performance, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Google Analytics

This free tool from Google lets you track all kinds of data about your channel and its performance.

You can see things like how people are finding your videos, how long they’re watching them, and what countries they’re coming from.

Hootsuite Insights

With Hootsuite Insights, you can see detailed information about your channel, including your most popular videos, subscriber growth, and more.

This information can help you better understand what’s working well on your channel and where you can improve.

Hootsuite Insights offers valuable insights into your audience’s demographics, interests, and behavior.

This information can be used to help you create better content that appeals to your target audience.

OBS Studio 

OBS Studio is one of the best live streaming and video recording software for YouTube. It’s free and easy to use. You can use OBS to record your desktop, gameplay, webcam, and more.


Streamlabs is a powerful live streaming and video creation platform that lets you engage with your audience in real time.

With Streamlabs, you can easily add overlays, graphics, logos, and other elements to your videos and live streams.

You can also use Streamlabs to create professional-looking highlights and montages.


Patreon is a platform that allows you to create membership tiers for your fans, where they can pay a monthly subscription fee to support your channel.

In return, you can offer them exclusive content, behind-the-scenes access, or anything else you think they would appreciate.

This is a great way to monetize your YouTube channel and give your most dedicated fans a way to directly support your work.

It can help you expand and improve your channel by giving you the funds to invest in better production value or new equipment.


Vidooly is one of the best YouTube tools out there for helping you grow your channel.

It allows you to track your videos’ reach and engagement, understand which topics are resonating with your audience, and get insights into how you can improve your video strategy.


DepositPhotos is a stock photo website that offers high-quality, royalty-free images, vectors, and illustrations.

With over 60 million files available, Depositphotos is a great resource for YouTubers looking for visual content to supplement their videos.

Except for photos and illustrations, Depositphotos also offers video clips and audio files.


How to make a YouTube channel grow faster?

There is no magic bullet when it comes to growing a YouTube channel since there are many factors that contribute to channel growth.

Follow these tips to get better results:

  • Create interesting and engaging content that draws the target audience’s attention.
  • You can use social media platforms to improve your channel growth.
  • Use YouTube’s algorithm to your advantage by using keywords, and tags, and optimizing your thumbnails and titles.
  • team up with other YouTubers in your niche.
  • Analyze your data regularly to see what’s working and adjust accordingly.

How can I increase my subscribers?

There are a number of things you can do to increase your YouTube subscribers:

  • Make sure your channel is optimized for discovery by filling out your profile completely, including keywords in your description that potential subscribers might use to find you.
  • Use attractive thumbnails and descriptive titles for your videos to help them stand out in search results and on social media.
  • Regularly uploading new videos on a consistent schedule is key to growing your subscribers.

Does YouTube have incentives for creators?

Yes, YouTube has incentives for creators.

By providing a platform for creators to share their work with the world, YouTube is able to associate with a vast pool of creative talent.

This, in turn, helps YouTube to grow its business and continue to be one of the most popular online destinations.